Volunteer Opportunity – TREEage


General Schedule for 2009


Mondays 3:30 to sundown - Economou Farm Road, BS – TREE root & mulch work

Wednesdays 12:00 to 1:00 - IDX Drive, SB  - TREE root & mulch work

TREEage Community Nursery - 1100 Dorset Street, SB - call for nursery schedule and other events


TREEage project leader:  Marie Ambusk:  999-1126  marie.ambusk@ge.com


.. making a difference in our community .. one tree at a time ..


August proclaimed "Forest Pest Awareness Month" in VT, MA and other states.
I am reaching out to you to help protect our urban landscape from the threat of the forest pests!
Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) and Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).
I am a Master Gardener, SOUL Tree Steward and member of the South Burlington Natural Resources Committee.  I lead a project called TREEage and we are committed to inform our community about this issue.  In addition, we plan to conduct a visual survey of the trees in South Burlington.  This effort will be done in collaboration with our City Arborist, the South Burlington Natural Resources Committee and the VT Agency of Agriculture, following their prescribed protocol.
.. volunteer .. learn more .. spread the word .. help to keep our trees safe ..

  • Learn to prune trees -- pruning clinics and lots of hands on practice
  • Learn 'best maintenance practices' for urban tree care
  • TREEage Community Nursery -- plant -- care -- learn -- teach -- enjoy
  • It's good to know your ROOTS -- root collar excavation hands on work
  • Plant it right -- right tree, right place, right method
  • ... and much more!