TREEage is a Master Gardener, S.O.U.L. and GE Volunteer project founded in 2007.  The project objective is to promote 'best maintenance practices' as stewards of our urban trees.
We prune trees, remove mountains of mulch, thousands of stem girdling roots, survey for undesired forest pests. plant and care for trees at the TREEage Community Nursery.  Our 'hands on' work is the most important means to teach others the skills we have learned and we also offer training through workshops, Arbor Day events, local and state meetings and even TREEage For Kids, a educational program geared to our youngest Tree Stewards.
Among our many goals this year, was to create this web site as another means of 'outreach' to both share information and communicate with our community.  As the project leader, I am very thankful to a GE Volunteer who has helped me to get this site launched in September 2009!   

The TREEage Community Nursery was established in 2008 and has been a collaborative initiative with the goal to educate our community in the proper techniques of planting, caring for, harvesting and finally re-planting these healthy Vermont trees to be enjoyed in our urban landscape.



TREEage project leader:  Marie Ambusk:  802-999-1126


.. making a difference in our community .. one tree at a time ..